As with any plant life, your trees need regular care and maintenance. Trees may require trimming, seasonal preparation, growth adjustments, and other forms of specialized care that may sometimes require professional attention. Having worked with practically thousands of trees within the region, including those that are non-native, we can say with confidence that we know how to ensure safe, healthy, and non-intrusive growth of trees.

Some of the services we offer in the area of tree care include:

  • Trimming/Pruning
  • Cutting/Removal
  • Tree Surgery and Grafting
  • Stump Removal

We have an inherent love for trees and understand how these enrich the lives of people as well as the environments in which they grow. If you have any kind of tree related needs, even those we may not have specifically mentioned, feel free to reach out to us for more information!


Tree Surgery

We offer tree surgery services for old as well as damaged trees helping with healing, damage control, and preservation.


Tree Felling

We offer a diverse range of services relating to help keep your trees in shape such as trimming, pruning, cutting, and more.


Tree Survey

Tree reports/surveys may be carried out to asses the condition of any tree.


Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is a process that helps your trees improve leaf growth and density by trimming of the lower branches.


Tree Pruning

Regular tree pruning ensures that your trees are able to develop healthy leaves and strong, sturdy branches.


Tree/Stump Removal

We carefully uproot trees that need to be removed in a manner that ensures root safety and offer stump removal services.


Straight Felling

If you have a fully grown tree that needs to be felled in a manner that is safe our teams have the equipment and expertise.


Section Felling

Section felling allows for the trimming and felling of parts of a tree that might be unsafe or causing damage to property.


Overgrown & Overhanging Trees

We help you Secure your property by Removing, cutting down or tidying up any overgrown & overhanging trees that reach unto your property.