Helping you keep Your Gardens, Lawns, and Green Spaces Lush, Healthy, and Vibrant.


New Lawns

We can help you plan and set up new lawns from the design stage, to seeding, regular care, and extensive maintenance.


Garden Clearance

Our garden clearance services are designed to help you keep your green spaces presentable and clutter free.


Tree Surgery

We offer tree surgery services for old as well as damaged trees helping with healing, damage control, and preservation.


Tree Felling

We offer a diverse range of services relating to help keep your trees in shape such as trimming, pruning, cutting, and more.


Storm Emergency

We help you clean up your spaces before and after the storm and help you prevent further damages which may occur from broken branches and fallen trees after erratic weather.


Hedge Trimming

Making sure your hedges are trimmed in order to ensure healthy and fresh growth as well as aesthetic maintenance.


Tree Survey

Tree reports/surveys may be carried out to asses the condition of any tree.


Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is a process that helps your trees improve leaf growth and density by trimming of the lower branches.


Tree Pruning

Regular tree pruning ensures that your trees are able to develop healthy leaves and strong, sturdy branches.


Tree/Stump Removal

We carefully uproot trees that need to be removed in a manner that ensures root safety and offer stump removal services.


Straight Felling

If you have a fully grown tree that needs to be felled in a manner that is safe our teams have the equipment and expertise.


Weed Control

We ensure that your gardens and greenspaces are free of weeds and other unwanted and parasitic growths.


Section Felling

Section felling allows for the trimming and felling of parts of a tree that might be unsafe or causing damage to property.


Crown Thinning

We offer seasonal crown thinning services to help your trees and shrubs grow thick and healthy throughout.


Gravel Features

We help you layout and set gravel features in your garden for aesthetic appeal and potential functional purposes.


Garden Maintenance

We offer extensive garden maintenance services to ensure that your lawns and gardens are appropriately looked after.


Flower Beds and Borders

Our flowerbed and border services add the thrill and colour you need to really make your green space stand out.


Mowing and Trimming

We help you keep those lawns, shrubs, and grass patches looking neat and tidy with our mowing and trimming services.


Decorative Fencing

We specialize in fencing,paving and garden gates, and have a large selection of styles for you to choose from and can offer advice if you're not sure what is best.


Decorative Stoning Patio

At J Gallagher Tree & Garden Services, we have a huge range of decorative stone on offer, perfect for adding that finishing touch. We supply decorative stone in all quantities and delivery can be arranged. We supply: Stone, Pebbles, Chippings, Slate, Sandstone And much more.


Overgrown & Overhanging Trees

We help you Secure your property by Removing, cutting down or tidying up any overgrown & overhanging trees that reach unto your property.