We offer extensive landscaping services helping you care for your lawns, gardens, green spaces, and everything within. Some of our lawn care services include mowing, trimming, cutting, regular garden maintenance and more.

We also make sure that your plants and gardens are nourished with the application of natural fertilizers and help guide you with regard to appropriate care for the same. Whether it is bushes, shrubs, flower beds, green belts, or any other kind of specific landscape feature, rest assured, we’re the people to help you keep everything in order and to ensure your plans are forever thriving!

Some of the services we offer in the area of landscaping include:


Decorative Fencing

We specialize in fencing,paving and garden gates, and have a large selection of styles for you to choose from and can offer advice if you're not sure what is best.


Decorative Stoning Patio

At J Gallagher Tree & Garden Services, we have a huge range of decorative stone on offer, perfect for adding that finishing touch. We supply decorative stone in all quantities and delivery can be arranged. We supply: Stone, Pebbles, Chippings, Slate, Sandstone And much more.